What Guitar Should I Buy?

This graphic shows you what you should be after   15-Oct-13

Most guitarists know exactly which guitar they're saving up for as their next purchase, but if you're a first-time buyer, or you've got a bit of cash to splash but you're not sure how to use it, then we've got some help.

This infographic, made by Fred Miller, shows some of the options available to you based on your musical taste.

Most of all it's a good bit of fun, but it got us thinking - what if all purchases were made this way? An infographic for which clothes you should buy based on your musical taste would make life a lot easier.

One thing we'd like to add to this infographic is "Do you have impeccable taste in almost everything? Buy a Knaggs!"

Anyway, if you're really lost as to which guitar to buy, and you're a first-time buyer, this might help:

(Note the 'everyone loves The Beatles' Easter egg).

Which guitar should i buy?

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