The Best Fuzz Pedals For Guitar: Revealed

Which pedal will take the top spot?   07-Oct-13

2) ZVEX Fuzz Factory.

BRIVZZZZZZ - that's the sound a Fuzz Factory makes, and it's a heavenly sound.

ZVEX has somehow managed to remain a cult company despite having a huge following, proven by the popularity of the Fuzz Factory in this poll. 

Designed and made by the eccentric Zachary Vex, the pedal gained pretty instant recognition in the 90s when it was produced.

It's an accurate nod to many of the classic fuzz pedals of the early era such as the FuzzFace, but with added, er, balls.

With Zachary Vex involved it was always going to be a little bit different to other fuzz pedals on the market, and a look under the hood shows a circuit recognisable to any pedal nerd, but with some complex trickery implemented by ZVEX. 

The glory of these complex additions, mainly by setting up feedback loops within the circuit, is that you can overload the pedal to get a bit crushed overloaded fuzz tone, but you also have responsive control almost unrivalled by any other pedal. It's versatile and it sounds great - the holy grail.

Songs which used the ZVEX Fuzz Factory:

  • Muse - Plug in Baby
  • Muse - New Born

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