The Best Fuzz Pedals For Guitar: Revealed

Which pedal will take the top spot?   07-Oct-13

Top five fuzz pedals.

Fuzz pedals - they changed the face of rock and roll, but with the market full of hundreds of different options, which fuzz pedals have proven to be the most popular and iconic over the years?

We asked SonicState readers to choose the best fuzz pedals around, and now that the votes are counted, we've got a top five.

We'll be giving each of the five pedals are own verdict, and telling you on which famous recordings you may have heard our top best five fuzz pedals in use.

We'll kick off with the one you voted at numero cinco.


Way Huge Swollen Pickle

5) Way Huge Swollen Pickle.

One of the more recent fuzz pedals on this list, which is mainly dominated by classics. The Way Huge Swollen Pickle was released back in the 90s, but disappeared along with the company not long after, when owner Jeorge Tripps left for Line 6.

Jim Dunlop acquired the rights to Way Huge when Jeorge Tripps left Line 6 and teamed up with Dunlop, and rereleased the pedal, to the joy of fuzz fans everywhere.

Incredibly thick low-end gives this pedal its signature sound, enough booming fuzz to shake the foundations of any music venue.

But it can also be delicate and subtle, one of the better fuzz pedals for reeling off the fuzz a bit and playing some chords.

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