Josh Homme Auditions For The New Star Wars Movies

QOTSA guitarist is a big Star Wars fan, wants to play R2D2   07-Oct-13

Josh Homme is a big fan of Star Wars, so it figures that the Queens of the Stone Age guitarist would want to star in the new movies.

So he went for an audition, sort of.

The big man wanted to star as R2D2, but when you're as tall as Josh Homme, that's not easy, so why not play a Wookie instead?

As part of a British comedy sketch show, Josh Homme refuses to be a Wookie and takes part in an audition for the part of R2D2.

It's a good showing of the lighter side of Josh Homme, who has a reputation as being one of rock and roll's funny guys. The video also suggests Harry Styles from One Direction to play the role of Han Solo.

This can never happen.

In other news, Josh Homme recently told Jay Z to "f*** off".

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