Gibson Revives Their Shred Guitar

The M-III, first intoduced in 1991, makes a comeback   04-Oct-13

Gibson Revives Their Shred Guitar

Gibson say that when they introduced the M-III in 1991 it totally embodied the "shred" guitar, marrying Gibson's thundering power with the scale length, speed, and ultra-pointy styling that appealed to the world's fastest players. Now it's back and they say that the new M-III  captures the magic of the original guitar's playability, power, and visual appeal. Here's the full details in Gibson's own words:

Just like the first M-IIIs, the new M-III starts from a foundation of Gibson tradition--seen it its solid mahogany body, glued-in neck, and high-gain Dirty Fingers™ humbucking pickups with versatile switching--and catapults it into the future with a major dose of style and innovation. The 25 ½" scale length enables piano-like lows and shimmering highs, while a Floyd Rose™ trem facilitates everything from radical dive-bombing to evocative vibrato, all with unparalleled tuning stability. To top it off, the neck's fast profile, super action, and easy access right to the top of the 24-fret fingerboard help the M-III offer a playing experienced equaled by none.

The M-III's scorching looks match its incendiary performance. The natural maple fingerboard with striking arrow-head inlays provides an eye-catching contrast to the explosive range of finishes on the guitar--from your choice of Cosmic Cobalt, Electric lime, Vibrant Red, or Orange Glow--all in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. The all-black hardware complements the stunning visuals, and reminds you that the M-III is here to rock. Feel the heat at your authorized Gibson USA dealer, and crank out the shred like never before.

Body and Neck
The M-III is built from a foundation of tonewoods that represent a marriage of Gibson tradition and innovation. A solid mahogany body presents the depth, richness and resonance for which that timber has long been famous, while a glued-in maple neck adds clarity and "snap" to the tone. The Grade-A maple fingerboard has a 25 ½" scale length, a compound radius for easy chording and smooth bending, and 24 jumbo frets, all within easy reach thanks to the M-III's radical asymmetrical, double-pointed body styling. Finally, a fast, slim profile and contrasting black arrowhead inlays declare the M-III a total shred machine. The guitar's body and neck are finished in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer in your choice of Cosmic Cobalt, Electric lime, Vibrant Red, or Orange Glow, while the fingerboard has a natural finish.

Pickups and Electronics

Gibson USA packs the M-III with a trio of its most powerful pickups, including Dirty Fingers+™ humbuckers in the neck and bridge position, and a Dirty Fingers+™ single coil in the middle. A five-way switch, combined with push-pull switching on the master tone control for humbucker coil-splitting, take you everywhere from warm, vocal neck pickup tones, to roaring crunch and soaring leads in the bridge, to bright, shimmering single-coil tones--all with unprecedented power and sustain.

A high-quality Floyd Rose™ vibrato with locking nut adds further versatility to your playing arsenal, while a set of genuine Grover™ Mini-Kidney tuners enhance the already unparalleled tuning stability. All hardware is black-plated, and the control knobs are easy-grip knurled black metal. The M-III carries a traditional black bell-shaped truss-rod cover, and wears no pickguard to obscure its dramatic range of finish options.

Case and Coverage
The M-III comes protected in a plush-lined Gibson USA hardshell case with black exterior. It includes an owner's manual and adjustment literature, and Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.


  • Solid Mahogany body with radical double-pointed styling
  • Maple neck with fast, slim profile
  • Maple fingerboard with arrow-head inlays
  • Dirty Fingers+™ humbucking pickups in the neck and bridge positions. Single coil pickup in the middle position.
  • Floyd Rose™ vibrato tailpiece
  • Grover™ Mini-Kidney tuners

Pricing and Availability:

Available November 5th 2013.

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