Buy An Epiphone Archtop And Get A Free Tuner

Epiphone announces Fall Consumer Promotion   01-Oct-13

Buy An Epiphone Archtop And Get A Free Tuner

Epiphone continues its 140th Anniversary celebration with the announcement that October is Archtop Month. During the month of October, consumers can receive a free Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuner (a $30 U.S. retail value) with the purchase of select Epiphone archtops. Customers will need to register their new Epiphone archtop on to receive their free gift.

The company had this to say...

"Since the 1930s, Epiphone has been recognized as one of the key pioneers in the design and manufacture of archtop guitars, from the distinguished big-voiced acoustic/electric jazz boxes of the 30s and 40s. to favorites like the Casino and the Sheraton II that powered classics by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, John Lee Hooker, The Jam and Oasis, and today can be heard on stage with The Alabama Shakes, Vampire Weekend and Radiohead.

Epiphone Archtops are the industry standard for pros and pros-at-heart in every genre, not only for their superior workmanship, but also for their great sound and cutting edge designs. No guitar collection is complete until you own an Epiphone archtop. And now, Epiphone is turning on a whole new generation of players around the world who have come to depend on Epiphone's high quality but affordable craftsmanship and the limited lifetime warranty that comes with all Gibson Brand instruments."

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