New Guitar Replicates A Vintage Paul Bigsby Design

Eastwood introduces the Marksman 5 based on a 1957 Magnatone Mark V   20-Sep-13

Eastwood Guitars has introduced the Marksman 5, a tribute replica to the ultra-rare 1957 Magnatone Mark V designed by Paul Bigsby. Eastwood says that theMarksman 5 replicates the vintage original in almost every detail, but as with all Eastwood models there have been some solid improvements, notably in modern playability.

The guitar has a tone-chambered mahogany body to keep it lightweight and a set mahogany neck for solid sustain. The custom designed EW Alnico SC90's are bright and glassy clean but also respond very well with distortion. Eastwood also upgraded to a modern adjustable roller bridge.

Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, told us, "The '57 Magnatone is one of my personal favorites in today's vintage market, but unaffordable to most, therefore I wanted to make a replica that did it justice and the Marksman 5 nails it."

In thehe video demo, RJ Ronquillo takes the Marksman 5 for a test drive.

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