Josh Homme Tells Jay Z He Should F**k Off

Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist has a run in with the rapper   20-Sep-13

Josh Homme Tells Jay Z He Should F**k Off
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Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme has told Jay Z he "should f**k off" after an altercation at a music festival.

Homme and his band recently played at a festival organised by rapper Jay Z, and he wasn't happy about his personal belongings being searched on the way in.

"That guy's a kook, you know? He has security, like, frisking the bands on the way in... no one's ever done that," Homme said during an interview on CBS Radio 2.

Josh Homme said that he wouldn't play the gig if the security guards searched his bags:

"I just told 'em, 'if you open up my bag, I'm not playing. So I guess it's up to you now to decide whether I'm playing or not'. They were just some rented dudes who were probably watching the trash area at the movie theater before.

"I just put my bag up there. I said, 'Why don't you figure out what you're gonna do? Yeah? 'Cause I can't stay here much longer. In fact, 20... 19...' I counted it down and then I took my bag and left."

According to Homme, the rapper also tried to get the rockers to take a photo with some champagne, so as to be seen to be endorsing it:

"He also gave us some champagne and wanted us to take a photo with it. And I thought, that's not a gift that is a marketing tool. So I destroyed it. Because I thought it was rude overall. And you shouldn't frisk my guys, you should f**k off."

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