What's The Best Fuzz Pedal Of All Time?

Vintage, new school, or classic mod - what's your weapon of choice?   19-Sep-13

What's The Best Fuzz Pedal Of All Time?

Collecting fuzz pedals is the favourite past-time of guitarists who, perhaps, have too much time on their hands. At least that's what we're told anyway, we're too busy collecting fuzz pedals to really listen.

When it comes to putting pedals on your rig, the vintage classics might not be the smartest step, given the wear and tear of the road. So some guitarists go for reproductions, some bravely stick a classic pedal on their board, and some purchase one of the new wave of fuzz pedals engineered to give vintage tone with modern flexibility.

But which is your favourite fuzz pedal? Vote for your favourite below, and we'll crown the winner when the votes are in.

To find out which pedal you voted as the best distortion pedal, click here, and to find out which pedal was the most popular multi-fx, click here.

(If your favourite fuzz pedal isn't listed below, you can nominate it by clicking 'other'):



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