TC Multi-FX For Less

TC Electronic make G-System available at a sharper price   17-Sep-13

TC Multi-FX For Less

TC Group is announcing an even sharper price on the TC Electronic G-System in the UK. They say that guitarists desiring the ultimate in quality, effects and programmability can now do so without having to break the bank. G-System is available at a new SSP price of £839.

As an additional special offer, TC Electronic is also offering a G-System bundle.  Buy a G-System now and you can get it bundled with a long Cat 5 Ethercon cable, a MIDI split cable as well as a Nova Drive.

Here's more details in TC's own words...

Nova Drive is an amazing Overdrive/Distortion that has digital control but all-analog circuits, giving you the best of both worlds: tone and control! Also, Nova Drive integrates seamlessly with G-System and you can control it as if it was another built in effect! All of this plus a G-System is available in the UK for £999, a price that does not even begin to describe the value of this bundle.

G-System represents the ultimate when it comes to effects, control and programmability. Having received countless awards and being the cornerstone of the greatest rigs in music, it is only logical that G-system is so desirable. And now, it has come to a point where every serious guitar player can take the leap.

What makes G-System so great is its ability to give guitarists exactly what they want when they want it, with sounds in the highest quality around.  This means TC's best-of-the-best effects right at your feet with up to 9 effects simultaneously. On board, there's 4 switchable mono-loops to implement favorite effect pedals and 1 additional loop/insert point dedicated for preamps. G-System features 4 x 9V DC outlets powering your effect pedals and a USB connection for software updates.

G-System also represents ultimate flexibility as the board can be separated allowing you to place the GFX01 with loops or whatever else is desired in a 19" rack while leaving the control board on the floor and G-System houses full MIDI functionality for control of additional external MIDI units. G-System also offers connections for 2 Expression pedals.

Best of all, the programmability of G-System allows you to switch amp channels, effects and any other setting you desire with the press of one footswitch. Complex guitar tones have never been simpler, or sounded better.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic adds: "G-System represents the ultimate in guitar effects, control and programmability. Still, to this day, it is the go-to device for guitarists when everything has to be just right, which is something that always made me proud. Now, this premium device is available at a price that most guitarists can overcome without having to sell a kidney. It's a cool thought that such a superior and exceptional piece of gear has gotten an amazing price that will put the creative possibilities of G-System into the hands of so many more guitarists."

G-System Main Features

  • 25 effects in the best quality money can buy
  • Total control over sounds, including amp channel switching
  • Total integration, including 3 powered loops for your pedals

Pricing and Availability:

G System UK SSP: £839
G System/Nova Drive Bundle UK SSP: £999

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