Orange Amplification Launches New Blog

Gig reports, gear demos, artist news and much more   13-Sep-13

Orange Amplification Launches New Blog

Orange Amplification has announced the launch of their official Orange amps Blog. It is full of the latest news about Orange endorsees, including gig reports, interviews with artists and their techs, gear demos, sound samples, and masses of other related news. Here' the full details directly from Orange...

The Blog will be updated regularly and feature a range of interesting and informative articles about getting the best out of your Orange gear. Top Orange technicians share the best ways to use the DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester to keep valve amps in tip top condition, what to listen for when a valve needs attention, and what to do about it when it happens. This means guitarists everywhere can maintain the addictive warmth, tonal qualities and rich harmonics they simply love about their amps.

For Orange aficionados everywhere, there will be more on the history of the company; Snippets about the beginning, the Orange shop where the likes of Marc Bolan, Peter Green, Eric Clapton and Paul Kossoff all hung out, how Orange Amplification was born, more about the brands and the designs - in fact the real stories and in-depth features covering the whole forty five year history.

Then there are the gig reports - unique stories about Orange amps, where and how they are being used in real situations. These practical run downs give real insight into the environments the kit is being used in, the sounds people are getting out of the amps, and how the same affects can be achieved - in rehearsal, gigs or the studio.

Plus there will be loads of fascinating stories about the road warriors that keep the 'Valve glowing' and the 'speakers moving' for great bands and musicians everywhere. The Blog kicks off with industry legend, Drew Foppe who has worked with Slipknot, The Used, Deftones and Evanescence and is currently working with Fleetwood Mac. He shares a multitude of tips and insights into how he helps everything keeping running smoothly.

This Blog captures the essence of everything Orange; go to for constantly updated news, reviews, interviews and loads more.

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