Orange Crush CR60C Solid State Combo Review

We take a look at Orange's first Solid State amp   11-Sep-13

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The reputation Orange has built since the late 1960's for rockin good valve amps and combos is well deserved. It has been known for guitarists to actually feel genuine love for these amps. Their latest is the Orange Crush CR60C and it has broken the mold, crossed to the other side, it's the maverick - that's right it's Solid State, not a valve in sight.

Orange Crush CR60C is a 60 watt combo featuring the Orange clean/dirty combination from the Rockerverb - clean channel has two stage gain and 2 band EQ, Dirty channel - four gain stages and a very musical three-band EQ. The speaker is a 16 Ohm 12" Voice Of The World and can kick out the usual Orange power with the option of adding a second 16 Ohm cabinet. Connections give you an FX loop on 1/4 jacks and footswitch control of channel and reverb which is switchable between Plate Hall and Spring.

Our Orange specialist Rob Hicks gives you the skinny in the video, but the bottom line is:

It's considerably less costly than the Rockerverb 50 (almost a grand less!), but with all the build quality and circuitry minus the valves. At £349 the Crush CR60C is great value, and gives you plenty of power and tone.

Available imminently: £349/$699

Also available is the CR120C - a whopping 120 watts with 2x12" £479




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