Kit For Building A Twin Channel Overdrive Pedal Available Now

MI Audio ships their MI DIY Dual Drive Kits   04-Sep-13

Kit For Building A Twin Channel Overdrive Pedal Available Now

MI Audio tells us that they are now shipping the MI DIY Dual Drive Kits, as featured on these news pages a couple of weeks ago, limited to 100 kits. Orders for the MI DIY Dual Drive Kit are taken directly by MI Audio by emailing your interest to This is what they have to say about the kit in their own words...

The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit allows you to build two channels of op-amp based overdrive and/or distortion designs – to your specifications! Each channel has a GAIN, VOLUME, and three-band EQ with the voicing in the hands of the builder. By adjusting stages of gain and clipping options or tailoring the low-end body and high-end presence (via internal trimmers), your pedal will sound like no other.

The kit comes with two printed circuit boards and two unique circuits; one overdrive and one distortion, both with an open design that encourages a number of modifications and wiring options – alternate or stacked, series or parallel. The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit also contains all the parts required to build the two circuits including all potentiometers, knobs, jacks, switches and passive components. Also included is a pre-drilled blank aluminium enclosure that is the canvas for your artistic output allowing you to add any artwork you wish.

The MI DIY section of the MI Audio website not only has hints and tips for building these two circuits, but also has posts from some top effects DIY-er's who have made some interesting and unique pedals with the kit serving as the inspiration. The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit is the perfect platform for those beginners who have always wanted to step into the effects DIY world, yet is complex enough for the intermediate and advanced builders to experiment with and design their own circuits.

The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit contains:

  • Two MI DIY Dual Drive printed circuit boards
  • A pre-drilled blank aluminium enclosure
  • All components required for the build of the two provided circuits, including potentiometers, knobs, jacks, footswitches, integrated circuits and passive components.

Instructions for the MI DIY kit are available online at the MI Audio website.

About MI Audio: MI Audio was founded in 2002 by Michael Ibrahim in Sydney, Australia with the release of the Tube Zone Overdrive and the modern classic, the Crunch Box. The company then evolved into MI Effects and MI Amplification. MI Effects has a brand line-up of ten pedals including the very popular Crunch Box distortion. MI Amplification is best known for its complex designs such as the high-gain Megalith Beta, the British voiced Iron Duke, and flagship four-channel amp the Revelation.

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