Revealed: The Five Best Multi Effects Pedals


3. Axe-FX Fractal Audio

It's almost unfair to have the Axe-FX in this poll, because it is just so damn good. Endorsed by countless guitarists, Axe-FX is more than just a multi effects unit, it's an entire rig in one neat little package.

Lots of guitarists are running Axe-FX directly into the PA system at gigs now, it gives them a great deal of control over their own sound, and also eliminates a number of issues with using bloated rigs with multiple pedals and amps.

Of course, not everybody's a fan of the way it sounds, but no single digital sound processor has won over as many analog purists as Axe-FX has, even though the Kemper Profiling Amp is giving it a bloody good run for its money.

If we were going to make our own list of the best multi effects units, as chosen by writers here at Sonic State, we would probably include it at number three too. It's pricey, and it's not just a multi effects unit, it's a complete modelling unit, so it's cheating a little bit in the context of this poll.

At the moment, the Axe-FX is not entirely accessible for a broad range of the market, due to its price, so number three is a worthy spot.


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