Revealed: The Five Best Multi Effects Pedals


Revealed: The Five Best Multi Effects Pedals

What are the best multi effects pedals on the market?

We're all about democracy here at Sonic State, when the boss tells us to work harder, we democratically tell him where to go. And we always aim to extend this feeling of democracy to our readers, and that's why we let YOU tell us what you think about certain things, and we enshrine your votes into guitar law.

That's why the Wampler Triple Wreck IS the best distortion pedal of all time, because you said it is, and now you've told us what the best multi effects unit of all time is.

We asked you to vote for your favourite multi effects unit or pedal based on a number of parameters, the poll was all about choosing the multi effect which had the best trade off between quality, price, accessibility, product support, flexibility and much more.

So we'll count down the top five multi effects pedals of all time, as voted for by you, starting off with a company you just KNEW were going to figure in this article somewhere.


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