New Design Features Unveiled In Ovation guitar

Ovation introduces the Proto Limited Series LT-60   30-Aug-13

New Design Features Unveiled In Ovation guitar

Ovation tells us that, as the first of the Proto Limited series, the new Ovation LT-60 is but a small glimpse of a new and bright horizon for Ovation design. With this series, they are presenting new designs flowing from their New Hartford, Conn., team. A spokesperson told us, "Some elements of these models may become mainstay features on future lines; some may fade away altogether. Each Proto Limited model, however, will play a pivotal and historic role in tomorrow's Ovation."

Here's the details in Ovation's own words...

Though definitely a striking new design, the LT-60 began with a simple pencil sketch on graph paper. There were no preconceived notions and certainly no constraints. It was merely an idea to be explored for one purpose – to create an amazing, world-class instrument.

As the design took form, we explored new voices and new lines. The result is a sound and style that is fresh and new, yet also retains many of the hallmark characteristics of our most celebrated instruments.

With its sophisticated carves and smooth lines, the headstock shape captures the essence of the classic Ovation style. The pommele sapele inset projects a warm appearance and serves as a fine, yet nuanced contrast to the natural satin-finish mahogany neck. An inlaid Ovation "O" adorns the face and is given additional dimension by its subtle rosewood "shadow."

The neck has a slightly asymmetrical profile that provides comfort and ease for both chording and more intricate passages alike. The 12th fret features an Ovation "O" and rosewood shadow that mirrors the headstock inlay.

The LT-60 features our timeless Ovation body shape and a soundhole that matches the contour of the "O" inlays, accented by a pommele sapele-and-abalone rosette. The neck and body binding are also pommele sapele, which harmonizes well with the guitar's overall style.

And while the aesthetic design is a very prominent feature of this instrument, this guitar is not simply an exercise in visual style – the sound is where this guitar really shines.

We chose Adirondack spruce top and bracing for warmth, complexity and overall richness of tone. We also developed a modified "X" bracing pattern that provides strong projection and great tonal balance. By adding our deep-contour hand-laid Lyrachord® back, the LT-60 speaks with a rich voice that preserves the signature punch, note balance and clarity of our most classic Ovation designs. In all, what started as a mere workshop concept evolved into an exciting new sound, style and direction that will serve as a worthy addition to the Ovation family of instruments.

Pricing and Availability:

Orders for the LT-60 will be accepted through Sept. 15, 2013. Contact your Ovation dealer for details.

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