Diaries of a Guitar Tech: Sleuth Against The Clock

When the techy saves the day!   24-Aug-13

It wasn't the most likely. Next to the most likely, and directly connected to it, was another stability critical component, but it was a high quality type generously rated for voltage and power. Components like this usually fail by tiny degrees, losing a small fraction of a % of their value each time. Their other failure mode is to violently explode. The first wouldn't cause a loss of stability and the second clearly hadn't happened. Acting on a hunch, I removed it and connected the tester: nothing; no connection at all. Nailed it! 

I have never seen the like, before or since: the total failure of a stressed but inherently high quality, low risk component. Devices like these are often connected directly across the mains for many years continuously without failing. It must have been a manufacturing defect and could probably have blown at any time. Because I am a professional, I had a replacement of the same value, type, quality and voltage in stock so I had the amplifier back in place the same day, allowing it to be tested to everyone's satisfaction well before the big gig. 

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