Gus G Talks Working With Ozzy Osborne and New Solo Album

Firewind wizz talks about next step for him   22-Aug-13

Gus G Talks Working With Ozzy Osborne and New Solo Album
Photo by Anthony Dubois

Gus G has given an interview in which he talks about his future, discussing what's next for his band, and what it's like to play with Ozzy Osborne.

In an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Gus G described Ozzy Osborne as the model professional, and being a great band leader.

"Ozzy is a leader but he's the best player and he makes everyone feel special." said Gus.

"He gives everyone the spotlight. He's a team player. He's such a professional guy and it's been amazing to tour with him. He's the first guy to show up and the last guy to leave. You wouldn't expect that, right? But he still does it and still has such a passion after 40-plus years."

On the future of his band, Firewind, who are working with a new singer, Gus said he didn't know what the band would be doing next.

"I haven't thought how the future is going to be for the band. Right now we are touring with our new singer Kelly Carpenter who is actually an American guy who lives in Belgium so he's close to Europe.

"You know, it's going really good with him and we'll see what happens. I can't image that the next music we will put out will be somewhat different but I guess it will be great too. You have to keep your own identity somehow."

He also broached the subject of his forthcoming solo album:

"I'm working on my first solo album. It's going to be something completely different from what I've been doing with Firewind. It'll be more on the classic rock vibe, or straightforward rock and roll.

"There's going to be some instrumentals with some different singers on it; special guests. I've been out here tracking drums in L.A. Now I'm going to go home and start tracking guitars."

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