New Project To Combine Gigs With Guitar Product Demonstrations

A chance for the audience to get involved, in more ways than one   12-Aug-13

When a new guitar-driven musical project comes along claiming to be a cross between NAMM and the Warped Tour, then you sort of have to listen, especially when it eminates from Texas.

So the Texas Guitar Army caught our attention, and as they're looking for a little bit of crowdfunding, we thought we'd bring their plans to the attention of our readers.

In short, the Texas Guitar Army is a collective of incredibly talented guitarists who claim to travel around, playing gigs, teaching the next generation, demonstrating new gear (and letting you test it out) and basically taking on mainstream pop music.

Here's whay they have to say about themselves:

"The Texas Guitar Army plans to deliver the music and lifestyle of the guitar directly to the fans. We plan to plug the fans directly into to the live music experience. Shows will feature the Texas Guitar Army as well as other known guitarists and bands will historic guitar players.

"Fans will have the opportunity to meet many of the participating musicians, watch equipment product presentations and instructional clinics where they can learn the tricks and techniques of today's top players. That's not all, fans will have the opportunity to view and test drive the latest and greatest musical equipment from the all levels of equipment dealers from all over the world."

So it's a touring ensemble of great musicians, some of them will be famous names, educating, entertaining and exciting the punters. Sounds good.

Brands such as Wampler Pedals are already lending their support to the campaign, and while it does feel like the project is in its early stages and still has to nail its identity, from the early signs, it's definitely worth lending your support to.

You can find out more, and pledge a few dollars, by going to their IndieGogo page.


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