Dang! The Peavey Vypyr VIP Sounds Pretty Versatile

Good price, great range, convincing tones   07-Aug-13

In the YouTube age, the key to selling gear is by producing a decent video which shows exactly what that piece of gear can do. Peavey have put together a video to show just how versatile the Peavey Vypyr VIP is in terms of its tonal range.

The video also shows has easy it is to use the footswitch to change between tones and modes, and even the analog purists would have to admit that there are some really sparkly clean tones on this video, and that the distortion tones follow on in Peavey's rich history of providing metal mega gain to the masses.

At prices of around £140 upwards online at the bottom end of the Vypyr VIP range, these amps are looking like a good alternative to some of the other modelling options out there at the moment.


Amped Editor



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