Alex Hutchings: Getting Better All The Time

Is he on course to be linked with the 'best guitarist' poison chalice   05-Aug-13

During our recent interview with one Mr Guthrie Govan, the Aristocrats guitarist tipped Alex Hutchings as being one of the best guitarists on the planet right now.

And if you stay up to date with Alex Hutching's work via YouTube or Facebook, then it's easy to see why Govan might say such a thing. Alex has always been an undoubted talent, a well-respected guitarist in the south-west of England, he has recently been making waves around the world.

Technically sublime, his blistering pace has always easily impressed, but Hutchings has made leaps forward recently with the most important aspect of a fusion guitarists arsenal, the expressive aspect of the playing which is influenced by jazz players such as Joe Pass, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery.

A recent video uploaded by Alex, simply called 'Explosive Guitar Solo', does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows Alex combining his incredible range of technique, from smooth legato and tapping, to quick-picked phrases and, most importantly, more emotion than you can shake a copy of Briget Jones' Diary at.

He's certainly one of the most accomplished and well-rounded players around at the moment, showing what guitarists can achieve at the absolute pinnacle of electric guitar playing.

He also has some pretty cool facial expressions...

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