Planet Waves Refines The Clip-On Tuner

Planet Waves Launches the NS Micro Tuner, a follow-Up to the NS Mini Headstock Tuner   09-Jul-13

D'Addario/Planet Waves has  launched the new NS Micro Tuner, the next iteration in its family of clip-on, headstock tuners.

Planet Waves Product Manager, Rob Cunningham, told us, "Always striving to improve, we're thrilled about this new iteration of Planet Waves' clip-on tuner. The minuscule design allows players to enjoy effortless and inconspicuous tuning!  They'll want one for every guitar."

Here's the details in PLanet Waves' own words...

Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger, and even smaller than its predecessor the NS Mini Headstock tuner, Planet Waves' NEW NS Micro Tuner's stealthy, lightweight design allows it to be clipped to the back of the headstock. This allows for the musician to have a full view of the screen while the tuner remains virtually undetectable by the audience.  This easy-to-use tuner is concealed and blends in with the aesthetics of the instrument.  For an even more user-friendly experience, Planet Waves has improved the ratchet clip-on design.  The tuner can also stay on the guitar while in the case, so you never lose track of your tuner again.

The NS Micro's improved tuning software offers faster note recognition and accuracy than its forerunner, while still providing accurate tuning by using an ultra-sensitive piezo sensor system.  This tuner is great for loud and dark stages; the simple, multi-color, backlit display shows the note name in red to indicate when the note is out of tune and green to reveal when the note is in tune.

NS Micro Tuner has an expanded calibration range for multiple musical situations and even includes a visual metronome for practicing on the go.

Pricing and Availability:

The NS Micro Headstock Tuner will be shipping in July and will retail for $32.99.

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