TC Electronic Introduces The Spark Mini Booster

One-knob boost in a small footprint   08-Jul-13

TC Electronic says that their new Spark Mini Booster is here to maximize tone. Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic, told us, "Spark Mini Booster is the go-to pedal whether you want a clean boost, or add some life and excitement to your gear. It's just a stompbox-sized miracle that is sure to delight guitarists everywhere."

A spokesperson told us, "Spark Mini Booster combines killer sounds with great looks. From the custom, tattoo-inspired design to the discrete all analog Circuit to the intuitive 'one knob' operation to the innovative PrimeTime function, Spark Mini Booster delivers on all fronts."

Here's more details direct from TC:

Spark Mini Booster is the first pedal ever to feature PrimeTime, a revolutionary feature that automatically detects whether you want the pedal to be permanently on when you hit the footswitch, or just for as long as you hold the footswitch down.

Spark Mini Booster features 20 dB of boost – and though the majority of this is a pristinely clean boost, once cranked past three-quarters, Spark Mini Booster is fully unleashed and drives amps to peak-performance.

Spark Mini Booster's small exterior ensures it fits on any pedalboard, while its sound and features ensure it'll appeal to any guitarist.  First off, Spark Mini Booster is built using a Discrete Analog Circuit – every component is carefully selected and put together in order to amplify the signal in the purest way without any degradation or alteration.
The new PrimeTime™ feature allows guitarists  to seamlessly toggle between latching (classic stompbox on/off) and momentary (effect is on while the switch is pressed down) modes, depending on how long the footswitch is held down.


  • 20 dB of boost
  • Revolutionary PrimeTime switching
  • Discrete Analog Circuit

Pricing and Availability:
Spark Mini Booster will be available August 2013 and retails at EU SSP €79 / UK SSP £69, and $99 U.S. estimated price.

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