New band blog: Introducing Antimatter People

Daniel Magee writes about one of his favourite new bands   02-Jul-13

New band blog: Introducing Antimatter People

Amped blogger Daniel Magee taks about one of most exciting up-and-coming bands on the London music scene right now, Antimatter People...

I would like to introduce to you all a young band from London; Antimatter People. Whether or not you can call this band "new" is up to yourselves. The moniker "(Yehan Jehan &) Antimatter People" has long been the outlet for the musical mind of Yehan Jehan.

Having grown up in a musical family and eventually set up his own personal studio in his room, Yehan Jehan has been putting out his musical endeavours for all to hear for a while now. It is only within the past year or two that his project has taken on a form which has been translated to the realm of live concert and begun to pick up speed.

With the arrival of friends and eventual band-mates Elliott Arndt (Flute, Keys, Vocals) and Mikko Hirvikallio (Guitars, Keys) in London in 2010, the band was born and began to gig in and around the capital. The past year has seen further expansion with the additions of Spencer Lezaja (Bass, Vocals) and Callum Brown (Drums) completing the current line-up, allowing the band to properly announce their arrival on the London scene.

A series of well-received concerts have followed, as well as a brilliant showcase in the beautiful setting of St. Leonard's church in Shoreditch back in June 2012. These performances have propelled this young ensemble into the public-view and this new state of being is nothing short of untimely and a million miles beyond well-deserved.

2013 has seen the band in their most fruitful period yet, and their exploits this year have been a thing to behold. The end of March saw the release of free download "Only Ark", something of a woozy journey through waves of synthesized sound set to a rigid drum beat and distinctive bass tones which tip hat towards the classic sound of Serge Gainsbourg.

Harpsichord tinkle weaves in and out of the chorus as Jehan echoes out "I'm tripping over the stones, I'm sinking under the sea", adding to the song's impressive ability to make us feel enshrouded and all-consumed by its huge sound.

Their second single of the year comes in the form of "Mossy Grounds", possibly the most impressive of Antimatter People's releases. Beginning with dreamy shimmer, reminiscent of early 90s dream pop, the song breaks into a brilliantly languid groove as the vocals push out to the front, with the song then dropping the listener straight into a quite magical dreamscape.

As the chorus arrives, so do smooth vocal harmonies, caresses of harp, and graceful strings, immediately bringing to mind composers in the mould of 60's and 70's great David Axelrod. The song rolls into it's climax as ancient strings drop in and out of fuzzy guitar and what sounds like drops of water in some long lost underground cavern. Suddenly the song ripples out to nothing, and we wonder what dream it is that we've just woken from. And then we hit repeat.

These songs are a treat to listen to, because not only are they great songs, but the production is as good as you would expect from any experienced producer, not from a young musician making his first marks in the music world. This fact alone is enough reason to keep an ear out for future releases. The band is young and their blend of past and present is fascinating. I would advise an attentive ear in order to follow their next steps, as they will almost definitely be worth the observation.






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