What's The Best Multi-FX Pedal of all Time?

Vote on your favourite Multi-FX pedal   30-Jun-13

What's The Best Multi-FX Pedal of all Time?

This month, we're asking our readers to vote for their favourite multi-FX pedal of all time. They can either make for convinient light-weight all-in-one rigs, or add-ons to pedal boards, with many guitarists choosing to use multi-FX to provide their modulation or delay sounds on a tightly packed pedal board.

But which one is the best multi-FX pedal out there, taking into account cost, size, quality of sounds, range of tones, and flexibility?

Vote for your favourite below (if your favourite pedal isn't on the list, you can add it manually at the bottom of the multi-FX survey):



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