Peavey's Most Advanced Modeling Amps Now Available

Vypyr VIP Series are shipping now in Europe   26-Jun-13

Peavey's Most Advanced Modeling Amps Now Available

Peavey has announced that their next generation line of modeling amplifiers, the Vypyr VIP series, are now shipping. Peavey introduced the series at the 2013 NAMM Show, where it earned the NAMM Best In Show "Gotta Stock It" award among its numerous accolades. A spokesperson told us, "As the world's first Variable Instrument Performance amplifiers, the Vypyr VIP series brings an entirely new level of technological sophistication and tonal versatility to the world of amp modelling."

Here's the full  details from Peavey:

Although an incredible electric guitar amplifier, the Vypyr VIP series are the world's first amplifiers that contain Electric guitar, Bass guitar, and Acoustic guitar amplifier models. With Peavey's Variable Instrument Input, a single amp can provide amplification for all three instrument types.

Not only are players able to switch from an electric amp, to a bass amp, to an acoustic amp, but they also have the ability to access instrument models as well – another Peavey first!

With the Vypyr VIP series, players can access realistic instrument simulations, allowing them to manipulate the sound of their electric guitar to mimic an acoustic guitar, a bass, a 12-string guitar, and more.

Using the combination of a powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC® processor and patented TransTube® analog circuitry, the Vypyr VIP series contains innovative technology to create the most diverse and best sounding modeling amplifiers available. The Vypyr VIPs feature new acoustically ported semi-closed back enclosures, which create an extremely full sound. Guitarists also have access to over 70 amp, instrument, stompbox models and rack style effects, allowing for endless creative options and a completely new range of tonal possibilities.

In order to easily view all parameters at a glance, the Vypyr VIP series includes Peavey's WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. The WYSIWYG interface allows the user to be able to identify the proper position of the encoders from preset to preset. In addition, one control can be used for multiple functions.

Vypyr's recording capabilities, edit software, and store presets are easily accessible via the new USB bi-directional data and audio port. The Vypyr VIP series also includes a MIDI port for use with Sanpera® foot controllers.

The Vypyr VIP series consists of three combos: the 20-Watt VIP 1, the 40-Watt VIP 2, and the 100-Watt VIP 3. Peavey's PowerSponge™ variable power enables players to adjust the power output to suit any playing situation. The Vypyr VIP also contains convenient features like a built-in chromatic tuner, on-board looper with Sanpera pedal control, studio quality headphone out, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Vypyr VIP 1 - RRP £155.00 (€196.00)
  • Vypyr VIP 2 - RRP £265.00 (€335.00)
  • Vypyr VIP 3 - RRP £329.00 (€416.00)

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