New Bass Cabs From Markbass

Standard 151HR and 104HR Black Line cabs and Minimark 802 combo now shipping   25-Jun-13

New Bass Cabs From Markbass

Markbass UK distributor MSL Professional is shipping the latest additions to the Italian manufacturer's Standard series bass cabinets. They say that the new Standard 151HR and 104HR Black Line cabs offer a practical solution for bassists who want both the "Markbass sound" and the sound benefits of the Standard series design at a more affordable price. Here's more details directly from MSL Professional:

The Standard 151HR Black Line is a 200W / 8ohm cab equipped with 15" speaker, a 1" compression driver and custom horn, rear ported. Its deep, classic sound suits a range of musical styles and it is a perfect solution for bassists who favour 15" speakers. It can be matched with Markbass heads to form a great-sounding, cost-effective rig.

The Standard 104HR Black Line is aimed at bassists who want a 4 x10" cab with quality sound. The 500W / 8ohm cab is equipped with 4x10" speakers, a 1" compression driver and custom horn, rear ported. The rear ported design offers controlled bottom end and highly focused sound, making the cab ideal for detailed, melodic styles of playing. The Standard 104HR Black Line can be used by itself, or in combination with the Standard 151HR Black Line (or other Markbass 8ohm cab) to give a powerful 700W stack.

Also available from MSL Pro's UK resellers, the new Markbass Minimark 802. This compact 150W combo, (250W with external 8ohm speaker) contains 2 x custom 8" drivers and a piezo horn. It gives a warm focused sound that is perfect for smaller gigs and recording. Equipped with an aux in and headphone out, it also makes a great practice amp. The Minimark 802 is additionally remarkable for its faithful reproduction of acoustic instruments, providing a highly effective amplification system for upright and acoustic basses, as well as for electric basses.

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