Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Steve Stevens

Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens live blogs his day!   14-Jun-13

Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Steve Stevens

Ever wondered what it's like to be Steve Stevens? Today, the man himself will be showing us all what happens in a day in the life of Steve Stevens.

The prolific session guitarist and songwriter is currently on tour with Billy Idol in the US, and this evening, he'll be hitting the stage at the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Steve will be live blogging his day, including his preparation for the gig, soundcheck, providing photos and videos to give an insight to the life of a touring guitarist, right up until when his head hits the pillow this evening.

So keep this page open in a tab on your browser, and follow the life of Steve Stevens, for one day only!

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After a long day, we are back on the road with Josie fillin the bus tank with petrol.


My utility tray with essentials. Gum, Slide, Picks, and my trusty Rebel Yell solo raygun.


Two songs into the set, it is revealed to me that the 3 large structures on the left are prison cels and the guys do watch the show. Should have rehearsed some Johnny Cash.


Hey, when ya gotta go... ya gotta go.


My wife Josie and her folks just before show time.


Another picture of my rack of guitars for the gig tonight!


Arrived at show. A chance to go over guitars and make sure everything is cool. I am playing my Knaggs signature guitar this tour. Actually 3 different Knaggs guitars. All stunning.


Before showering and leaving the hotel, I do some ironing. I actually don’t mind ironing, almost like meditating for me. It can be trying when the hotel iron is crappy though. This one, not too bad…..a lil’ leaky.


I can usually find out what today's gig looks like by looking at my head of merchandise guy, Eddie's Facebook, ha ha. Lo and behold here is today's show. Ok, outdoors. That means absolutely no reverb in the room, so i usually have my monitor guy tweak my wedges to give me some sense of space. Yes I'm still old school, not on in ears. I have tried them, but for a rock and roll geetar player that only sings on one tune, I prefer hearing the stage. I have a 3 cab wet-dry-wet guitar rig, but only my center dry is onstage behind me. This keeps stage volumes down. I get my complete guitar mix in 2 stereo wedges at my feet. Those have a bit of drums, Billy Idol's vocal, and all my guitars, including all acoustics & Roland guitar synth.


This is the GOOD part of hotel living. Waking up to breakfast. After this, I confer with Billy what our set list will be for Bonaroo which we play in two days. Josie is already on email detail for tonight's meet and greet and guest list.

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