Tosin Abasi Demos His Ibanez TAM100 8-String Signature Guitar

8-string genius shows off his 8-string axe   11-Jun-13

Animals as Leaders guitarist Tosin Abasi has taken the time to record a video presentation of his Ibanez TAM100 8-string, which looks and sounds like a beautiful guitar.

Tosin is a great ambassador for the 8-string, if anyone isn't sure exactly why anyone would need 8 strings on a guitar, then listen to Abasi's playing, for such a young guy he's already shaping up to be one of the most interesting players in the world right now.

Varied in his style and masterful in most aspects of guitar technique, it's his ear for timbre and tone that sets him apart right now, and this video displays how he put that thought into this guitar.

A perfect example of this is his decision against a maple neck in favour of a Wenge/Bubinga 5-piece neck so that he had a more unique sound with decent clarity.

Find out more about Animals as Leaders here.


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