Mini Metal Band Rocking Out Harder Than You

Unlocking The Truth are three 11-year-old metal heads   08-Jun-13

Unlocking The Truth are a metal band from Brooklyn, New York, consisting of three metal-as-f*** 11-year-olds called Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar), Alec Atkins (bass) and Jarad Dawkins (drums).

They've been getting a lot of attention online for their videos, including a vid of them rocking out in Times Square, and an audition tape for X-Factor (which you can see above), we'll let them off the X-Factor thing though, because they're kids.

The band combine heavy riffs with adorable knitted jumpers, and the result is brilliant. Malcolm Brickhouse has some serious chops on the guitar, but more impressive is his presence in front of a crowd.

He looks like he's born to be a frontman, and he's only 11-years-old right now, so God only knows what he'll be like in five years.

Drummer, Dawkins, has been drumming since he was two-years-old, by the way!

So, Unlocking The Truth, could they be the next Trivium, and break onto the worldwide metal scene as teenagers? Who knows, but we're tipping them to be pretty damn awesome.

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