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Harrison Consoles announces version 2.3 of their DAW   07-Jun-13

Harrison Consoles and DontCrack.com have announced that they have joined their forces in order to launch Mixbus v2.3. They say that in addition to many small improvements and fixes, Mixbus 2.3 includes major enhancements to its workflow:

  • Several new shortcuts for faster Bus Assignments... imagine working with the immediacy of an analog console, but with a digital turbo-boost button.
  • A complete user-driven editing and keymap overhaul that makes Mixbus more intuitive to users of other widely used DAWs.


Mixbus v2.3 also introduces 3 new high-end plug-ins "bundled" inside that you can evaluate and purchase. Mixbus v2.3 is a totally free upgrade. Previous owners will receive an email with download links to version 2.3. Users that haven't heard about Mixbus yet can take advantage of the special 2.3 introductory price for a limited time period.

Here's more details directly from Harrison...

Haven't heard of Mixbus yet ?

Well you certainly will hear more about Mixbus in the next months and years ! We believe that Mixbus might simply be a revolution in the way that we Record and Mix music !  Mixbus isn't just a new DAW... it's a new way of thinking about digital recording !

So what exactly is Mixbus ?

In short, Mixbus™ is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with "True Analog Mixing"™: A combination of Harrison's world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface. Mixbus provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio tracks to your computer, edit them, and mix them together. You can use Mixbus to record your band, mix a record, make a podcast, or edit the audio for your video. Learn more from the Mixbus web site.

Mixbus is a largely open source project  (Mac - PC - Linux) powered by legendary manufacturer "Harrison Consoles". Remember the sound of Michael Jackson's albums Thriller and BAD? Well these, as so many other incredible albums and films were recorded on a Harrison Console !

Mixbus is the first DAW with a Mixer implementation that was actually created by a Mixer company... Sounds obvious, doesn't it?  But most DAWs were created by programmers when computers were new and exciting but low-powered. Sound quality was, in many cases, an afterthought... but the folks at Harrison recognised that there's now enough processor power to SOUND good too.  Their years of experience, refining the most revered digital mixing consoles, shines through in Mixbus. Check-out these cool Mixbus Videos.

A Special Introductory Price !

Mixbus SRP (suggested retail price) is ONLY $219. It is part of "Harrison Consoles" strategy to make Mixbus accessible to a wide range of musicians, producers, etc. Now to celebrate the launch of Mixbus 2.3, the folks at DontCrack.com have talked their friends at Harrison into providing their great software at a very special introductory price.

From Wednesday, May 29 through Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Mixbus will be sold at the exceptional price of ONLY $39 !

This is a great opportunity for anyone to discover the amazing sound and possibilities offered by Mixbus. Don't miss-out on it !

About Harrison Consoles

From its Nashville Tennessee facilities, Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format, professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets. Harrison Consoles are used in premier facilities around the world.

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