Two New Limited Edition Airline Guitars

Dallas Green Signature and Airline Jupiter PRO are now available   05-Jun-13

Two New Limited Edition Airline Guitars

Two new limited edition guitars in Eastwood's Airline range are available this week - the Airline Jupiter PRO (pictured above) and the Dallas Green Signature Jupiter PRO (pictured below) - both designs based around the early 60's Silvertone Jupiter H49 which was also available with the Airline brand.

A spokesperson told us, "Here we have upgraded our existing Airline Jupiter to create the Jupiter PRO. We've added a unique blend control that lets the player dial in a wide variety of tones. We have also replaced the wooden bridge with a Tone Pros Tun-o-matic, upgraded the bolt-on neck with a set maple neck and upgraded the hardware to create a solid, tour worthy guitar for today's modern player."

The guitars feature dual Airline Argyle pickups, three way flipper switch, two volume, two tone controls and a unique 'blend' control that pans between the two pickups when the flipper is in the center position. The blend control ranges from hi-tone bridge pickup to neck pickup with the tone rolled off.

Pricing and Availability:

Less than 24 of each are available this week. Next production will be November 2013.
Dallas Green Signature Jupiter PRO - $999
Airline Jupiter PRO - $879

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