What Should Our Next 'Best Gear Poll' Be About?

Best delay, best phaser, best fuzz? Choice is yours   31-May-13

A little while back, we ran a readers' poll on the best distortion pedal of all time. You voted the Wampler Triple Wreck as the greatest distortion pedal ever, and the response to the poll was so incredible that we were slightly taken aback.

Around 10,000 of you voted for your favourite distortion pedal, so we're looking to run another poll in a similar vein.

Some ideas that spring to mind are a poll on the best digital delay pedal, the best phaser, or the best 60s fuzz pedal (pedal, not circuit type).

What would you like to vote on next? We've got a poll below - genuinely a poll on what our next poll should be. Awesome.




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