Well, What The Hell Is This? New Mojo Hand FX Pedal Looks Intriguing

Mojo Hand FX Pompeii is the name, but what is the game?   30-May-13

Well, What The Hell Is This? New Mojo Hand FX Pedal Looks Intriguing

Zach Early, one of the main dudes over at Mojo Hand FX posted a picture of a new pedal this morning, called the Mojo Hand FX Pompeii.

As yet, there are no details as to what the pedal actually does, but pedals with three knobs and with one mono input and one mono output usually end up being distortion or fuzz pedals - let's face it!

If this is the case, then the 'body' switch could end up being a mid-range frequency shaper. We know that if it is a distortion pedal, or an overdrive or fuzz pedal, then Mojo Hand FX are going to a great job of it if the Rook is anything to go by.

The Pompeii insignia has obvious relations to Pink Floyd's legendary performance in Pompeii, with the gong being an iconic symbol (excuse the pun) from that gig.

But a pedal with any relation to David Gilmour's tone could also be a whole host of other modulation or delay effects, so we'll have to wait and see.

Zach Early told Sonic State:

"We can't say too much just yet, except that it will be the next offering in our 'Future Vintage Series' and will be of special interest for anyone lusting over that illustrious pre-DSOTM Floyd fuzz tone"


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