Queen Guitarist Brian May Slams TV Talent Show The Voice

Legendary rocker says he hopes show 'dies a natural death soon'   21-May-13

Queen Guitarist Brian May Slams TV Talent Show The Voice
Photo by Thomas Steffan

Queen guitarist Brian May has ranted about TV talent show The Voice, labelling it the 'most depressing show on TV'. Apparently the legendary guitarist is unimpressed by the format of the show, which aims to focus on the vocal talents of an artist, rather than the visual aspect of performance.

He said of the format of The Voice:

"Every time I catch a glimpse of young singers busting their guts trying to win somebody's attention, who is rudely sitting with their back to them... I feel sick."

His comments were aimed in particular at the UK version of the show, which is currently mid-season on BBC One. But with the same format repeated across the world, his comments are unlikely to please the millions of people who tune into watch the show in Australia, America, Holland and the UK.

In the rant on his website, he wrote: "Sorry, hate to be negative but The Voice is the dullest, dumbest, most depressing show on TV. It's the ultimate insult to music and to performers."

Brian May even went so far as to call the show 'vile' and express his disappointment at Tom Jones' inclusion in the show.

"I hate seeing the great Tom Jones shoehorned into this scenario.

"I hope this vile show dies a natural death very soon."

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