HUGE Effects Pedal Giveaway At Effects Database

One of the biggest pedal giveaways we've ever seen   21-May-13

Wow. What can we say? Effects Databse are celebrating their 10th anniversary by giving away 35 pedals over the course of a month. The pedals given away will be from the likes of Greenhouse Effects, Wampler, Mojo Hand FX, Stone Deaf FX and Mad Professor.

Before we go any further, may we congratulate the mighty Effects Database on their 10th anniversary, FXDB is the most comprehensive database of pedals on the web, and their new forums are great. FXDB, we salute you.

And now, right on to how you can win these pedals. It's very simple, go to the giveaway page on Effects Databse and follow the instructions.

It's also worth bookmarking this Facebook photo collection too, so you can share the images of the pedals you want to win when they are uploaded.

Bart Provoost, the main man at FXDB, also writes about new pedals each month on Sonic State, you should read his pedal blog here.

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