Tour The Fender Acoustic Custom Shop

Watch the vid to see how the guitars are made   17-May-13

Fender has posted this high-speed video tour through the Fender Acoustic Custom Shop in New Hartford, Conn. Here's what they have to say...

"At the new Fender Acoustic Custom Shop in Connecticut, Fender's finest luthiers have dedicated themselves to creating acoustic guitars that blend the best of modern Fender design with outstanding instrumental artistry generations in the making. Built with the best materials, techniques and traditions, Fender Acoustic Custom Shop instruments ring true with discerning players everywhere as U.S.-made instruments of tonal excellence, striking design, superb playability and loads of distinctive Fender personality.

Fender introduced a welcome shot of youthful West Coast energy and innovation to the acoustic guitar world more than half a century ago. Today, the Fender Acoustic Custom Shop stakes an exciting new high-end claim amid the establishment, with a well-crafted collection offering both bold and traditional instruments. Combining exceptional features and workmanship with Fender style and innovation, each Fender Acoustic Custom Shop guitar is a pleasure to play and an instrument to prize."

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