New Video Tutorials releases courses on Cubase 7, Live 9, Reason 7 and Kontakt   17-May-13

New Video Tutorials tells us that the world's largest library of Live 9, Reason 7, and Cubase 7 courses is still growing. Here's what they have to say about their latest tutorial video releases...

Live 9 403 - Max For Live Advanced
Tired of the same ol' synths? Dig into Max For Live and design your own! Join musician and Max expert Rishabh Rajan as he takes you on a journey from initial oscillation to final output as you build your first M4L synth!

Cubase 7 404 - Evolution of a Song
Ever want to get into a top producer's head and see what makes him tick? In this course, Eyal Amir – with outstretched arms – welcomes you into his creative world as he imagines, sketches, develops and produces an amazing track right before your eyes.

Live 9 103 - MIDI Recording and Effects
Bill Burgess is one of the coolest trainers we know. That's why we said YES when he offered to design this amazing course on MIDI in Ableton Live 9. Bill is an extraordinary teacher who delivers insightful nuggets of music gold. Pay attention and learn!

Reason 7 302 - Advanced Mixing and Mastering
Reason 7 delivers all kinds of powerful tools to mix and master your music. Learn the Mo Volans mix/master pro workflow and see how you can make your tracks explode with energy – all within the awesome Reason 7.

Kontakt 201 - Advanced Kontakt 5
Using Kontakt just to play back factory samples is like driving your Audi S5 in 4th gear at 25 mph. Boring! If you want to break the speed of sound, this accelerated course shows you how to put pedal to the metal and squeeze every ounce of horsepower from Native Instruments' supercharged sampler.

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