Why We Love NoiseKICK FX

Let us tell you about a little company we know   14-May-13

A little while ago, we span you a yarn about a company called NoiseKICK FX, a little company making pedals that sounded BIG. Well the picture below shows why we love NoiseKICK FX:

Custom paint jobs, custom circuits, and pretty much custom everything. Matt offers a great service for affordable prices, and the Moon Unit Distortion Station (Wanin' Boost and Waxer Drive) he built for Sonic State is still taking pride of place on one of our writer's pedal boards.

According to Jimmy MacElroy's cellphone voicemail message in Blades of Glory - "If you can dream it, you can do it", and that's pretty much the deal with NoiseKICK FX. Come up with an idea for a pedal, everything right down to the last resistor, and they'll build it for you.

Or you can give them a more abstract idea, and they'll turn it into a circuit diagram and do the rest.

Definitely worth checking out for any pedal nerds out there who have a great idea for a pedal for their rig, but can't find anyone that builds what their after, or even just somebody who wants a boost pedal with a fancy paint job!

More info - NoiseKICK FX website

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