Mike McCready: New Pearl Jam Album Is Going To Be Great

Pearl Jam says new guitarist is going to be better than Backspacer   13-May-13

Mike McCready: New Pearl Jam Album Is Going To Be Great
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Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready says that the new Pearl Jam album is going to better than the band's last album, Backspacer. They're strong words from McCready; Pearl Jam's 2009 album performed well commercially and also appeared on numberous 'top albums of 2009' lists in magazines such as Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready told KIRO radio:

"I've been told by the powers that be I can't say anything yet because we are just mixing it right now. [The powers that be] are basically the five of us and our manager, we sit down and talk about is. Honestly, we don't have a date for it yet."

But he wasn't afraid of saying one thing in particular:

"It's going to be way better than 'Backspacer,' I think. It's just different, it's going to be great. I'm very happy about it and we're not done with it yet. I'm not sure when it's out, but it should be out someday."

The band currently haven't released a name for the album, or announced a release date.


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