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How to use rests to turn ordinary basslines into attention-grabbing hooks   16-Apr-13

Rockschool has released a free Bass Guitar Tutorial which they say is ideal for teachers to help beginner students play grooves. The new resource includes a free video, backing track and sheet music in PDF format, which are all available to download on the Rockschool news page. Plus you can watch a video demonstration of the lesson on YouTube (above). Here's the details in Rockschool's own words:

This easy to follow lesson looks at the use of 'rests' to help you produce stronger musical parts for Bass players. The two backing tracks are both tabbed out giving you four different examples, demonstrating how the simple introduction of rests may affect the groove.

Also recommended are tracks for further listening from bands as varied as Pantera, The Rolling Stones and James Brown, which demonstrate similar bass parts to the examples and gives students additional song ideas to practice along to.

Further technical exercises, practice material, quick study pieces and sight-reading tests are available in the new Rockschool Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks, which come with audio CDs and are designed to be used alongside your Rockschool grade book.

Rockschool provides a wealth of material to help both students and teachers with maximising their exam performance. To find out more, visit as well as checking out the new Bass Guitar Tutorial page or catching the new video.

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