MESSE13: TC Harmony Singer Pedal - We Film a Demo

With DemoMeister Tom Lang - it's a goodie!   15-Apr-13

    MP4 13:10 mins    

You may have already caught our earlier News item about the new Harmony Singer 'guitar pedal for singers' announced by vocal boffins TC-Helicon - well, it got our attention, and we were keen to see & hear it in action as soon as the press event finished... but although it was on the stand, it wasn't hooked up, and no-one could actually listen to it.

We were crestfallen. I mean, every guitarist that sings - and that's a lot of them - is gonna want to check out a guitar pedal that'll make them sound fricken amazing, right?
So we asked around, and the good folks at TC promised they'd get a demo together for us with main man Tom Lang on vocals & strummery.

And sure enough, just before we were due to leave the show, we got a call from Tom, saying 'come on over'

So we did.

And to be honest, we were pretty blown away by what this lil pedal can do. Mind you, Tom just kills it at these kinda demos, and he'd make anything sound pretty decent, but still, it really did bring a smile to our faces.... and after Tom did his bit, our guitar geezer Rob Hicks just had to learn a bit more - and we got some more good stuff... enjoy the video!

oh yeah, one more thing... it's only 169 Euros ;-]


Andy McCreeth


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