MESSE13: New Orange Crush Series

Thunderverb circuit with op amps?   11-Apr-13

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I caught up with Adrian, amp designer at Orange and he took us though the latest addition to the Orange arsenal. The Orange Crush series have never been known for their superior tone or big bottom end, that's why you buy an Orange valve amp, however, these are a real game changer. With the same circuit as the Thunderverb but with op amps instead of valves, you still get a huge range of sounds but without the price tag. There is no digital modelling (except the reverb) the gain stage is the same as the Thunderverb as is the EQ and because they come as a 1 x 12 (60watts), 2 x 12 (120watt) and a head (120watt) they have that big Orange sound. They have all the features you'd expect from a 2013 Orange, foot switchable channels, reverb switching, etc.


Prices are £349 for the 1 x 12, £499 for the 2 x 12 and £279 for the head


Rob H

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