MESSE13: New T-Rex for 2013

Alberta 2, Sweeper 2 and Goliath PSU   10-Apr-13

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We spoke to Lars (Owner of T-Rex) about the new products so far for 2013.

These include:

  • Alberta II
  • Sweeper 2
  • Fueltank Goliath

The Fueltank Goliath is the latest addition to the Fueltank range from T-Rex. With a monstrous 3000mA output it can handle even the most beastly of power hungry pedals. Features include:

  • 5 x isolated 9/12v DV @ 450mH (EACH) outputs
  • 1 x isolated 12v AC @ 450mH output
  • 1 x isolated 18v DC @ 250mH output
  • Mounting bracket
  • All adaptive cables
  • 115/230v switch

More info? Check out the T-Rex website

Rob H


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