Win a Wampler Dual Fusion Pedal By Shredding Like a Boss

Shred like a mighty king, and a DF shall be yours   05-Apr-13

Do you want to win a Wampler Dual Fusion? Of course you bloody well do. You'll want it even more after you see our upcoming review of Wampler's newest pedal, designed in conjunction with modern fusion guitarist Tom Quayle.

To win the pedal, you'll have to play guitar like an absolute majestic God/Godess of the fretboard. There are actually a number of prizes to be won, including a Wampler Dual Fusion, a DF T-shirt, and a Tsakalis Riff Raff Dual Overdrive pedal.

You have to record a video a yourself playing over a backing track, find out where to get the track by watching the video above.

A few of the SonicState crew are thinking of entering, so at least you won't be the worst guitarist to enter the competition...

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