TC Electronic Announces String Economy

TC effects pedals no longer support processing of D and G strings   01-Apr-13

TC Electronic has announced that effects will no longer be processing the D and G strings on guitars when running the guitar sound through TC Electronic products. This means that while the E A D and E strings will still be effected in the quality guitarists expect from TC Electronic, the D and G string will only produce a dry sound when run through TC effect processors.

TC Electronic tells us that this is a quantum leap forward in effects processing after extensive research in how to optimize effects for guitarists, and in an effort to maximize creativity. They say that,with a logical continuation of the groundbreaking PolyTune pedal, they have now truly capitalized and maximized the effect of 'per-string' processing.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic had this to say,  "We are at the forefront of effects when it comes to quality and innovation. But in these times, that is simply not enough. Everything gets cut down to a bare minimum and we are huge believers in making effects that reflect the current times.

So, we analyzed over 40.000 guitar solos in all musical genres and concluded we could easily leave out the D- and G string, as these strings are used 20% less than any other string.

I mean, name one riff played on the G-string that's not Smoke On The Water? Exactly. It's time to move on and we believe we are trailblazing a new era for guitarists. Metal guys only use the first three strings anyway, and every lead guitarist relies heavily on the blues box on the D- and G string and working the high E.

While this may have led to some classic licks and solos over the years, we want to encourage guitarists to use the other strings as well - just think how guitarists will be forced to think creatively when chugging a low E chord when they do not have the D-string at their disposal!

Also, by cutting out the D- and G string, we free up almost 25% more processing power, allowing for richer effects and better tracking. It also allows us to store our effects in an even smaller housing, saving precious pedal board space!"

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These changes will be effective on products bought after April first and guitarists can update products bought before that date through a free software update

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