YouTube Guitarist Of The Month: Lyle Watt Wins For March

Style, substance, imagination and did we mention style?   26-Mar-13

Our YouTube Guitarist of the Week feature has transformed into YouTube Guitarist of the Month! Which is a far more important and weighty accolade.

The first ever winner of the SonicState YouTube Guitarist of the Month is Lyle Watt, a Chapman Guitars endorsed guitarist, and an all round phenomenal player.

For our money, Lyle has the great mix of a brilliant musical ear when it comes to melody, and slick and snappy left hand - masterful when it comes to cheeky trills and fills.

The video above is his cover of Katy Perry's 'California Girls', which shows hints of Guthrie Govan-esque guitar melody, but then he launches into a rip roaring solo which is smooth, catchy, and contains a snapshot of his speedy trills and fills as he runs up and down the fretboard at a rate of knots whilst still ensuring that the emphasis is on phrasing, and not just on speed.

In short, we're mighty impressed by Lyle Watt, he's certainly one to watch out for.

If you want to be a SonicState YouTube Guitarist of the Month, then like us on Facebook, and send us a message with a link to a YouTube clip.

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