Motörhead's Phil Campbell Creates Effects For TC

Three new TonePrints and the chance to win Motörhead merch and a Flashback X4   26-Mar-13

Motörhead's Phil Campbell Creates Effects For TC

TC Electronic says that Rock'n'Roll comes home with the addition of Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell to the TonePrint artist roster. Phil has created three TonePrints that TC says infuses the Motörhead spirit into both rhythm and lead sounds. Phil's TonePrints for delay, vibrato and chorus are available to guitarists immediately and completely free of charge at, or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.

In addition to this, TC Electronic will be giving away Motörhead merch and a Flashback X4 signed by Phil Campbell. This competition is available worldwide, and can be entered by liking the TC Electronic Facebook page. This competition ends April 15th.

TC tells us that Phil's TonePrints are guaranteed to spice up tones with some old school undiluted rock'n'roll. His Flashback Delay TonePrint, called Bichon Frissé is a relatively short delay, which is a sound Phil uses on leads. In his words: "It's not too long, not too short - it's just right!". It's great for classic rock solos that need a bit of air and vibe to them while remaining tight.

Phil's TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato, called Roger's Bitch is a fast vibrato that harkens back to a Hendrix-type feel. This effect lets your playing shine through, but you will definitely not be in doubt whether it's on or not - in true Motörhead style, this one goes all in!

And Phil's TonePrint for Corona Chorus called Fairy King is defined by a swirl that stops just shy of 'fast' with a shimmer that is nice and wide, and a sweet edge that works great with dirty sounds.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic, adds: "What can I say? Things do not get more down'n'dirty rock than Motörhead. I'd be lying if I said these sounds work in a jazz context, but they have a very nice vintage feel with a bit of edge and tons of attitude - you simply gotta try them!"

Turn to page 2 for a bunch of videos showing Phil using his TC pedals and details of the competition

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