New Fuzz Pedal

Option 5 releases the Destination Square Tone   25-Mar-13

New Fuzz Pedal

Option 5 is adding a new pedal to their pedal line-up. The Destination Square Tone is a trapezoid-shaped four-knob fuzzbox.

A spokesperson told us, "The Destination Square Tone was born out of love for classic fuzz pedals. Wanting to avoid the obvious pitfalls of old technology and the crankiness of hard to find germanium transistors, we set out to design a fuzz pedal that delivers consistent, uncompromising tones."


  • Classic fuzz tones from smooth and buttery to rubber-bandy, spit and sputter chaos
  • Repeatable and consistent classic fuzz tone
  • Runs on DC or battery – also has SAG control for dead battery feel
  • True bypass
  • Hand crafted in the USA

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