Amped Bitesize Review: Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Classic and modern tremolo sounds   22-Mar-13

    MP4 6:13 mins    


We are reviewing a Boss pedal every day for a month in March, and today, on day 22, it's the turn of the Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal. The TR-2 has two tremolo wave shapes, square and triangle, which are on a blend knob.

We're looking at 30 pedals this month, and then on the final day of March, we'll be doing a round up of our favourites. The idea being that you can quickly watch our bitesize reviews and compare one Boss pedal to another, and quickly see if you like the sound.

The Boss TR-2 Tremolo has a very simple interface, with rate, depth and wave shape.

Rich's verdict - "Some people spend a hell of a lot of money on vintage tremolo effects - with good reason - they can sound beautiful. But for anybody who's just looking to use a tremolo effect in the odd riff here or there, the Boss TR-2 Tremolo is more than enough in terms of the sounds you can get out of it.

"The blend knob is useful, blending square and triangle wave patterns, and on the square wave you can get those biting and aggressive tremolo sounds used in modern pop and rock music by bands such as Green Day in 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'.

"The triangle wave offers a much more classic tremolo sound, more pleasant on the ear, and great for 1960s southern American tones. It will almost force you to play 'Riders on the Storm' by The Doors too."

RRP - £100

More info - Boss TR-2 Tremolo info page


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